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Welcome to SoulMotion  – Tablelands
Do you want to:

  • Feel healthy, radiant and alive
  • be balanced and content
  • Start living a more fulfilling, meaningful life
  • Increase your energy, love and passion for this world
  • Make a radical change to become the best you can be
  • Release stress and tension through Yoga and breathing practices
  • Increase strength, flexibility and self-confidence
  • Understand the law of attraction to create abundance and happiness you haven’t even dreamed about
  • Learn about nutrition that supports your highest potential, individually tailored to you

The pathways to health and wellbeing are unique for every single human, therefore it is SoulMotion’s mission to make sure everyone has access to all level classes and services at their stage of the health journey.

If you have questions or want to learn more about  SoulMotion, visit our Facebook page or contact us directly at [email protected]
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Who is SoulMotion?

Jeany Schall is passionate lover of life who believes in a wholesome and functional approach of managing optimal health and wellbeing. She has been working in health and wellbeing since 2011, applying safe and fun Yoga classes, deeply nourishing kahuna massages as well as Wellbeing and Nutritional events and consultations.

With extensive knowledge and experience human body and mind , Jeany incooperates her knowledge of for every person she meets individually.

“Yoga Classes and Retreats have given me the opportunity to condense  everything I know and am passionate about under one name – SoulMotion. With SoulMotion we get the opportunity to take time out to explore what we are experiencing in our body, mind and life, taking note and applying any changes of advantage .  I strongly believe the practice and teachings of Yoga  are so vast to incorporate ALL our passion and values. There is so much more to learn and I hope we can share this journey of growth and health. “

Jeany is a fully accredited, highly qualified, experienced and skilful Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor, she also holds a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine as well as Bachelor in Psychology and has years of experience giving Kahuna Massages.

Over the years, Jeany has worked with clients of all ages, from different walks-of-life, at varying levels of fitness.  

SoulMotion can help you learn the language of your body with tools like yoga, breathing, meditation, nutrition and self- knowledge to create more radiant health for your mind, body and soul.

Through ongoing personal and professional development, Jeany assures up-to-date knowledge and applies this information to the services offered through SoulMotion. Professional and safe practices are observed and applied to  any exercise, yoga, and nutritional healing services.

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