Learn this art of love
for your own body
by attending one of SoulMotion’s Yoga
classes or a retreat.

Yoga plays a vital role in the connection and unity of your mind, body and soul.

Yoga, meaning unity, starts with an empowering thought and can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

It can help you to see yourself and others with different eyes, creating acceptance, tolerance, calming the mind while shaping creative and positive thoughts along with a healthy body.


Why Yoga with SoulMotion?

Dive into the world of Yoga with a well and safe instructed yoga class.

Jeany is a highly qualified yoga teacher with skill, knowledge and experience who is committed to the highest and latest standards of the modern Yoga practice. Choosing a teacher with years of experience is helping you to gain the benefits of yoga, learn about your body and mind to create a life filled with long lasting results in strength, flexibility and ability to connect with oneself and others. 


 SoulMotion classes are intelligently sequenced, and tailored with options to meet all needs from beginner to advanced practitioner. This offers you a creative and vigorous flow to challenge and uplift your body and mind.

Take time out, away from your day to come to the mat and allow mind and body to unwind, reflect and heal. Clear away any blockages  and gain strength in clarity to lay the foundations of your optimal wellbeing.


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